Inconsistencies in actions of comparison operators

The operators, = and allow the comparison of a text value with a numeric value but the remaining ones, <, >, and give an error message, Cannot compare text with number. Should they not all be one or the other?


This isn’t actually true. I checked the source code, and comparing text with a number will always result in a false match. So


is false, not true. In the source code, it’s clear that I did this on purpose, there is a note in the code to that effect. But after more than four years, I cannot remember why I did that. At this point, this seems wrong to me.

Should they not all be one or the other?

I think probably this should always be an error. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

If it gives a result, it’s allowing the comparison, which is what I said. The answer may always be false but nevertheless, the comparison has been made.

I believe all text/numeric comparisons should give an error message.


How about…

3=“3” should be true
3==“3” should be false

== has a different meaning in Panorama 6, which I wish would come back to Panorama X. Using == triggers the formula associated with the field, while = does not.