In b26, Inserting a Column on the left leads to more than one malfunction!

In b26, today I wanted to insert a field to the left of the existing fields in a standalone database. I put the cursor in the first field on the left and chose Field/Insert Field from the menu bar. A new field was inserted as I wanted, BUT all the data was shifted one column to the left!

To correct this, I put the cursor in the second column (the original first Column) and chose Field/Morph/Shift Data Left from the menu bar. That moved the data back to where it belonged, BUT it also duplicated the first column of data into my new column. Now I had duplicate data in the first two columns.

To correct that, I just changed the field type from Text to Integer and the data all turned to zeros. Then at some point within a few more mouse clicks, the data in the second column changed to all zeros also, erasing the data that should have been there. Using undo feature, the data returned to the column.

I saved the DB, closed it, re-opened it, and was then able to name the first column with its new name and change it an integer.

Unfortunately, I cannot duplicate any of this. Inserting a field at the left side works fine. I tried it on several databases.