ImportText unexpected result

I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I am obviously doing something wrong, but cannot see what it is. I have built a tab delimited array that I want to import into a database using the [Importtext A, “ExistingData”, “Replace”] statement. Upon import, the data for the array is imported into the first column of the database instead of being spread across the various matching fields of the database. However, I can import the same array into the clipboard and then paste successfully into a blank Numbers sheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I figured it out. I used a Strip( function on the array to be imported, and the ImportText worked as expected. There must have been a hidden character at the beginning of the array that caused PanX to interpret the array differently than the clipboard/Numbers. I am not sure if I have discovered a bug in PanX or if I have discovered my aging brain has a bug.

Panorama looks at the first line to see if it has a tab. If it does it treats the file as tab delimited. If it doesn’t, it treats it as comma delimited. My guess is that the first character was a carriage return or line feed, which meant the file began with an empty line, and therefore no tab in the line. When your strip( function removed that, it found the tabs in what was now the first line.

That make sense. I have no idea how the cr() or lf() got there, but that mystery will have to be solved on another day. Thanks for the help!