Importing spreadsheet column to Pan X field


I am having trouble importing a column of numbers from the spreadsheet Numbers. I export the column as text; use the Text Import Wizard to place the column in the proper field of the db. The import choices are to append, which puts the column below the existing records - not good, I want the column to line up with the other fields. Or, to replace, which fills the desired field in the right place, but unfortunately erases all the other fields.

What am I doing wrong?

There is no way to place a new column alongside previous columns. Panorama 6 could not do that either.

If it’s a given that the database already has enough records to accommodate your column, you could use a procedure like this one to fill the column.

Local folder, file, type, data openfiledialog folder, file, type, "" data = binarytotext(fileload(folder,file)) data = lftocr(data) field "A" FormulaFill array(data,seq(),cr())

Where it says field "A" you would substitute the name of the desired field for “A”.

Well, there is no easy way, but there is always a way. If you have a key field to relate the new column records to the correct records in the database, it’s easy. If you don’t, you can use a sequence field and then use lookup to bring the values across. You can also load all your records in your main file into a variable, AND load the values from the new column at the same time (with arraybuild) . Then fix your separators and reimport to the main database. Make sure you have room for all the fields!


Thanks Dave, your procedure works great. How did you know my input field was labelled A?