Importing data into existing DB? Importing existing DB?

With Panorama 6, I used to be able to import a text file into a “staging” database, do my clean-up and data munging, and then import that staging database into my main database. With PanoramaX, I can’t see how to do either of these procedures.

Importing a text file creates a new database.

File -> Open with an existing database open does not give me the option to append.

Am I missing something?

When you search the documentation in Panorama X Help for „import", you’ll find information about most of the import options — including the importtext statement.

Other Panorama 6 options are still there: See the documentation about the openfile statement.


Yeah, that’s not really what I had in mind. What I was hoping for was the functionality I used to have in Panorama 6, which did not require scripting to import text or another database.

You were probably using the Text Import wizard, which does not exist yet in Panorama X.

Maybe, but even the file-open dialogue box is different now … fewer options.

Here is a short procedure that you can add to your staging database. When you run the procedure, it will allow you to select a text file that will be imported into the staging database, the same way the File>Open dialog did in Panorama 6.

local fileChoice
choosefiledialog fileChoice
if fileChoice = {} rtn endif
importtext binarytotext(fileload(fileChoice)),{ExistingData},{Replace}

If you want to append instead of replace, just change Replace to Append.


thanks for sharing this code, but it works for me without the binarytotext( function only.

local fileChoice
choosefiledialog fileChoice
if fileChoice = {} rtn endif
importtext fileload(fileChoice),{ExistingData},{Replace}


That worked, thanks. I also was able to use this as a template to import Scratch.pandb into Warrants.pandb, which is the next step in the process. Much appreciated.

Oops, another question: The online documentation shows the use of quote marks. In each example above, braces are used instead of quote marks. Is this a distinction without a difference?

That is the same as in previous Panorama versions. The Panorama Essentials PDF documentation of Panorama 6 describes it on Page 578. (Because of formatting issues I post a screenshot here.)

Thank you very much for this.