Importing Data into a Shared Database

I have not yet found any special instructions for importing a large amount of data into a Shared Database. I have not experimented, but wanted to first check to see what is the best and recommended method. If replacing all of the records of a database with a new set, should I first convert to a single user database? Alternatively is there a way to compare two databases to see what records have changed on a record by record basis making a complete replacement of the databased unnecessary?

There are no special instructions. You just do the import as usual, Panorama takes care of uploading the new data to the server.

One caveat – you cannot use the replace option when importing data into a shared database, only the append option. If you want to use the replace option, you must temporarily pause multi-user operation, which is very easy to do with the new generation process.

Thas sounds like maybe you want to do a join rather than an append. This also requires that you temporarily pause sharing.

Thanks, Jim. It is important to know about both the append and replace options as our work requires both cases.