Importing Data from version 6 to X

I am taking over an association membership list from someone who has been using Panorama 6. He emailed me the data but my computer won’t download (not authorized) his data. I have downloaded PanoramaX.
Does he need to send me the data in a certain format and/or extension? I’ve gone into my security and followed instructions to allow this data to download but computer still won’t. Thanks for your help.

You may need to add a .pan extension to the filename.

Would the sending person add this before he emails it to me as an attachment?

You can do it. He may not have done it because it is not required for Panorama 6. Just click on the filename in the Finder, and add “.pan” to the end.

When you say “data” did he email you the Panorama file or just the raw data records (text)? If so, you would need to start a new database and import the records.

By the way, if this is a security problem with your computer, that is something you should take up with whoever maintains the security of your email.