Importing a Rescue File in Panorama 4

I just joined this forum and can’t see how to make a new post for my question. I am running Inview and Stockview 4.0 on Panorama 4.0.1 under the Mac OS Classic Environment. My Contacts file has become corrupted. How do I import the Rescue file?

You’re referring to software from 1993 so there may not be much advice that anyone can offer. If your intention is to continue using that version, your only hope is to retrieve your last valid backup copy of the Contacts file and use that.

If you’re trying to import into something newer, my memory is that the Rescue File is a text file of your data. If that’s correct, it can be imported into just about anything, but more info from you on your ambitions will make it easier for someone to offer some useful help.

Panorama 4 isn’t quite that old - I think it came out in 2001. But that’s still 23 years ago. It’s been a long time since we even owned a computer capable of running Panorama 4. We certainly aren’t able to answer any support questions about that version.