Importing a csv file

New to Panorama X. Trying to import a csv file. I get a message saying "the file x could not be opened because there is no such file"
Yet, it is there, I can open it with a text editor and can see all the data (from a FileMaker export).
Any ideas what I am missing here?

Is that the exact message? I searched the Panorama X source code for there is no such and couldn’t find it.

What command are you using? Are you trying to create a new database with a csv file, or import the csv file into an existing database?

If the former, I would suggest using File>Import>New Database From Text File or File>New>New Database From Text File (these are actually the same command).

You can also just drag the text file onto the Panorama icon, though if you do that it won’t set up the field names from the first line of the data.

To import into an existing file, use the Text Import wizard:

Yes, it is the exact message I am getting.
The solution to drag the CSV file to the icon worked perfectly. The other methods did not though for some reason.
Thank you!

That sounds like you might have a problem with your file system. You might want to check your disk with the Disk Utility and repair it if necessary.

That message is not coming from Panorama, I think it may be coming from Apple’s code. I think Bruce may be correct, there may be a problem with your file system, or with permissions.

You have solved your problem, but I would like to try to track down the source of the original error message. If you are willing to assist a bit further with that, I have two questions:

  1. What is the location of the text file you are trying to import?
  2. What command were you using to do the import?


Also the exact name of the file in the Finder. Does the name of the file in your code include an extension? Do you have extensions showing by default?