Importdatabase problem, possibly related to Smart Dates

Converting a database from 6 to X I’ll open the 6 version in X then use importdatabase, replace with matching fields, to re-import the ‘good’ data from 6 as needed until I’m ready to finally retire the 6 version. One database had 30 years of data including some birthdates, now over a century past, in a field named DOB, formatted as “date” with output pattern set to mm/dd/yyyy in both the 6 and X versions. X opens the 6 version as Database (Panorama 6), displaying the correct DOB dates. But importdatabase then shifts all dates before 1924 to one century later. I understand ‘Smart Dates’ guesses centuries when importing text into date fields and that it guesses somewhat differently in 6 and X. But I didn’t think it would affect import of data already formatted as dates. But with a precisely 100 year error on 1270 records I suspect ‘Smart Dates’ is involved. I can identify and manually correct the off dates, but I foresee multiple re-imports before the final one and would rather not have to repeatedly correct them.

I tried it with a date field in the database I was importing from, and a text field in the database that was importing the data. It arrived in the text field without the century. I think your suspicion is more than likely.

I didn’t test this but I looked at the source code and I think you are on the right track. I’ve written up a bug report.