Import VCF file

Apple Contacts can export 1 or multiple contacts to a .vcf file. Is there a way to import that .vcf file into a new Panorama database?

If you can do the parsing of the .vcf (text) file, yes, you can.

It may be an easier solution to use an app from the App Store like Exporter for Contacts by Stefan Keller that exports contacts to .csv files.

It used to be possible to export from Contacts to Numbers, but I do not know if that ability has been added back.

I’ve been doing it for some time with Panorama. It’s in the Contacts file that you can download from the Database Exchange and available for you to pick apart for your own purposes.

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 10.06.12 PM

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James, I downloaded the Contacts file from the Database Exchange again. It is the version published on July 27, 2019. This version seems to have some features planned, but not implemented yet.

As far as I can see, the “Contacts Sync” popup menu has only two working items (linked to the .PutRecord and .GetRecord procedures), the item “Synchronize … the Apple Contacts” does not seem to do anything, and I can’t find a way to import data from, neither as a .vcf file nor via direct synchronisation.

Am I missing something?

“Synchronize …" and “the Apple Contacts” are simply labels I put in the menu to suggest what the other parts do.

There was a correction to the procedure that I posted in August 2019.

You’re right about other planned features. Many have been implemented in my personal copy, along with a lot more solely for my purposes. There wasn’t any indication that anyone was looking for them so I hadn’t felt any pressure to post an update. I’'ve got a good change notes though and an update should get onto my to-do list.

Updated version of Contacts has been posted to the Database Exchange

Thanks for your effort! Nice to learn from the AppleScript in your .GetContact procedure.

If I understand it correctly, you have to know one (or more) names and can then synch data from or with the for the selected records.

There is no handling of .vcf files, is it?

The origins of this AppleScript exchange was in importing .vcf files and creating them. That evolved into just a direct exchange, but if memory serves, the process of picking it apart was pretty much the same.