Import Database current record problem

Lot’s of discussion on this board about importing Pan6 database to PanX, but couldn’t readily find this problem: immediately after importing a PanX database into another one, PanX uses the data in the last record of the import, rather than the user selected current record. Demo of the problem at this link, instructions for the demo on Form A of the “Import Test File” database:

Still wondering if anyone’s encountering data compromise after importing another database. Appears the first run of any procedure is using data from the last record imported rather than the current record. This example better illustrates the data compromise potential:

Your procedure is running in the form, not in the data sheet.
Run the same formula in the data sheet, and it runs correctly.

Another hint to your demo file: With your procedure steps you get a database with an empty first row, because your are appending the data to the cleared demo file that in fact contains 1 empty record.
You can skip the step “Clear demo file” if you use the import formula
importdatabase "Source File", "ExistingData","Replace"

Thanks for taking a look at it! I thought having the ‘clear demo file’ step made what was going on in the demo more understandable, but I agree it really just added unnecessary confusion. However, when I move the procedures to the action menu and eliminate the form, I’m still getting the anomaly with only the data sheet displayed. Maybe I’m not understanding what’s meant by “…Run the same formula in the data sheet…”??

This demo version replaces (rather than appends) the import data and eliminates the form. First procedure on the action menu does a fresh import, and the second one does the procedure to modify the text, to illustrate the data corruption if any record other than the last one is selected. It’s the first procedure run after the import that shows the problem.

There were actually two bugs here. I’ve fixed them both.

I think there was another report recently about text display objects not updating as the current record changed, If that sounds familiar to anyone, hopefully that was the same problem as this and is now fixed.

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