Import data in fields from source without deleting all data in current

I’m trying to import data from ONLY two fields from a “source” Panorama database into a “current” database. When I use: “File>Import>Import Panorama Database Into Current Database” and select the pertinent fields and choose “replace” it does indeed import the data, but, unfortunately when I import, it deletes ALL the data from other needed fields in the current database. Is there a way to import a field without deleting data from other fields in the current database? The field I’m trying to import is “floating”.

If interested in more detail keep reading below:

Some on this forum have questioned why I want to do this at all. I could be barking up the wrong tree and should use Excel or something else rather than Panorama. I like the way one can use procedures to automate as It’s a lot of work.

I contract with a company we’ll call “Acme Landlord”.

My job is to see that there’s enough money in cash in tenants “cash” account to cover the “rent” they must pay. The numbers of tenants changes periodically.

Periodically I download two csv files of tenants from Acme.
(1) a list of ALL tenants (some 250 rows of tenants). This includes a field for their “cash” account (this database does not have a field for “rent”) We’ll call this “current” database
(2) a list of ONLY those tenants that currently owe rent. (only some 35 tenants of the total of 250 typically owe rent) This “source” database does not have a field for “cash” but has a field for “rent” they owe. We’ll call this “source” database

Therefore, I need to get the “rent” the rent field in source over to a field in “current” to calculate if there’s enough “cash” to pay the “rent” (simple subtraction) (there are other fields that must be calculated but I digress)

I use a Panorama templates to “Import Text Into Current Database” for the two csv files above. That way any procedures are saved.

I have asked about using the “join” feature to do this task on this forum but it seems this is not the way to go and import is the way to go.

Thanks to all that help others on this forum.

So obviously the two csv files will not match row for row. Your idea of “importing without deleting” won’t work, because rows will not match.

Now that you’ve actually told us what you want to do, join is absolutely what you need to do. Actually, you need to do both import and join.

The first step will be to import each CSV file into two separate databases. You can’t do a join between a database and a text file, only between two databases.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to add a Rent field to your database that contains all the tenants (you called this Current). I assume there is some common field between these two CSV files, perhaps the property address? That will be the key for your relation, the rent is the transferred data. Once the relation is set up (in the Current database) you’ll be able to join the Source database to bring the rent values into the corresponding records.