Import/Append non- standard text files

I’m working on a procedure that imports / append a txt file. The txt file doesn’t “behave” in a standard way -
the columns are not always arranged in the same order.

I want to make sure that the columns match up with the pano file I am appending it to.
The first line in the imported text is a row of the column/field names that gets imported with the text.
any ideas ?
thanks Much

The importusing statement can rearrange the columns as the text is being imported.

To set this up automatically, you could use fileload( to read in the file ahead of time and check the order of the fields. It would be tricky to make a general program that could accept any field order, but it could be done. If there are only a few possible arrangements, it might be simpler to just use if or case statements for each of the possible arrangements.

You are asking about Panorama 6. In the upcoming release of Panorama X, there will be a feature that will create a new database from a text file while automatically assigning the field names from the first field of the text (this feature is already working in the development version). You could then append this new database to an existing database with matching field names.