Image(jpg) in database

Can I put a jpg image file in a database field in Pan X?
Image source is iPhoto on my computer.
Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.6
MacBook Pro (Retina mid 2012)

No, you cannot put the image itself into a database field. However, you can put the name and path of the image into a database field, and display the image in a form from that. See Creating a Database Image Catalog on this help page:

I don’t know why you’d want to do it; but in principle couldn’t you put the image itself into a binary type field? I don’t think PanX has any code to let you display or edit a putative image so stored. To me it would just be a waste of RAM space. But if someone could dream up a useful reason it could be done.

I thought about mentioning that, but as you point out there would be no way to display it, other than saving it back to a file (which you could do). I figured that mentioning that technicality might be confusing, but John, you are correct.

I just dislike saying “you can’t do that in Panorama.” :grinning: And once you finish Server such statements will be even rarer!
For virtually all practical purposes, ‘no’ is the answer here, just store the image’s file or path name in a text field or variable and work from that. But Panorama users have dreamt up some amazing tricks from the seemingly impractical fine print and I wouldn’t want to discourage their creativity.