Image display objects print at 72 dpi in b26

Digging deeper into the b26 Image Display Object updates from this afternoon’s FANTASTIC list of updates and fixes - I have discovered that IDO’s print (or save as PDF) at a fixed 72 dpi (approx.) rather than at the displayed file’s (pdf or jpg) native resolution.

I have tested this using OS 10.14 and OS 12.4.

Using b25 (OS 10.11.6) - all Image Display Objects are printed at the full image’s resolution - for me this is usually 600 dpi.

I have been unsuccessful at printing a useable PDF document displayed in a b26 form using an Image Display Object. They are too blurry.

Anyone else experiencing this?


I’m experiencing this problem as well in b26. I found this report from BakkumD from back in May, but no acknowledgement of a plan to fix it in b27. Running Mojave 10.14.6.

I’m afraid there is no plan to fix this. The code for displaying/printing images had to be completely rewritten because of the bug in Apple’s code that caused printing to not work at all when using most scaling modes (most importantly proportional scaling). The new code now works properly for scaling, but apparently limits resolution to 72 dpi.