Image Display Object Fix Status

I am wondering what the status is for fixing the IDO so it will again print the image. It stopped working current version in Mojave.


Sorry, I don’t have an ETA for that.

Thank you Jim. Ill go to plan b. Which by the way is a great thing about Panorama X, many ways to get things done!

My plan B in this case is to export my database contents as a CSV file into a Panorama 6 version of my database, where I am able to print my member list with its images. What is your plan B?

I wonder if you could print images with a Web Browser object?

My plan b is to use either the web browser object or safari. I will merge html with the wonderful, incredible css grid and print. I will try to post the final solution.

I was thinking just try displaying the image only using the web browser object, with the rest of the form the same. You should be able to display a local image file by using a url something like this:


No HTML would be required.

Understood. I will try that first. Thank you Jim

The down side of this is that the image will be full scale and may be much larger than desired. To set the exact size set the Web Browser Mode Option to Literal Text and set the formula to something like:

<img width=250 src="file:///path/to/image.jpg">

Changing the width value will resize the image proportionately. If you want to adjust the size with the height and width independently you can add a height=xxx option to the above formula.

Thanks, Gary! This code sample — for the first time — let an image appear in my Web Browser Object test.

But how would I integrate database fields now? I get “URL malformed” errors when I try something like this:

<img height=50 src="file:///"+urlencode(dbfolder())+"Subfolder/"+FirstName+Lastname+".jpg">

Another problem is that the Web Browser Object — in my case used to display a thumbnail image — always seems to show a scroll bar. Haven’t found a way to hide the scroll bar.

Since yoou are building a formula for the url you first have to change the Mode to Formula. Now you have to structure the formula so it will produce the properly formatted url.

{<img height=50 src="file://}+urlencode(dbfolder())+{Subfolder/}+FirstName+Lastname+{.jpg">}

Notice that I have also removed one of the / characters from the file:/// text since the following function adds a leading / when executed. I think I have this formatted for the info you gave and I know it works in a simpler version I tested.

My scroll bars only seem to appear if the image is larger than the Web Browser.

Thanks again, Gary, I got my code working.

About the scroll bars: I am already using the height tag. Is there a “scale to fit” tag available?

Another issue: The Web Browser Object seems to use a ~ 5 Pixels margin or padding on all 4 sides. That is not really useful for my 50 * 50 thumbnail pictures.

I nosed around the web and found some HTML code to eliminate the scroll bars. Put this before your other code:

|||<head><style type="text/css">

Alternately you could always just mask the existing scroll bars out with a couple of white rectangles.

The scale to fit question is beyond my HTML expertise but I think there are methods using CSS. I assume the padding is built into the WBO so I would think it is beyond our control.

Now that I am able to display images in a Web Browser Object, I tried to print my form.

I am very sorry: Images in a WBO do not print either on a macOS 10.14.2 Mac. Here is a screenshot showing the form in the background with the WBO on the left and the Image Display Object on the right side. The Print dialog already shows that both objects do not print.

That’s disappointing.

Is it just images that don’t print? In other words, does text in the Web Browser object print, or does the entire object not print? Ok, I just tested it and it appears that Web Browser object’s don’t print at all. Bummer.

I guess it’s a moot point since it doesn’t print, but there should not be any margin or padding, and I just tested it and an image displayed with the Web Browser object went right to the edge of the object, with no border, margin or padding at all.

Panorama X 10.1 changed the way images work, fixing the problem that occurred when objects overlapped on top of an image object. I am wondering if that change caused the printing problem in Mojave, or if it is a separate issue. To test that, could one or both of you please try printing an image object with Panorama X 10.0.1 (from last December)? If you no longer have a copy of that version around, you can download it from this link:

If it does work, a) you’ll have a better workaround than going back to v6, and b) that will give me a good clue as to where to look for the fix.

Jim, I downloaded version 10.0.1 and tried to print my form, but — sorry again — it does not print IDOs and WBOs either.

The WBO does not print at all, even when it contains the given sample HTML text only or when it is displaying a web site.

The Image Display Object does not print — except the path text when I check the “Display path (Debug)” property.

Static images (dropped in the background of the form) would print.

Gary, I noticed that the scroll bars are displayed only when an USB mouse is attached to my Mac …

I have a rather odd-ball setup. I use an older USB Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro driven by USB Overdrive (Kensington no longer has drivers for this model) along with a Bluetooth Apple Magic Mouse. The Kensington track ball is used for all cursor control and mouse clicks while the Magic Mouse is sitting along side and only used for scrolling since it scrolls much more easily and smoothly than the track ball’s scroll wheel. But then I’m not normal.:upside_down_face: