Image display not working

In converting yet another Pan 6 form to Pan X I can’t get an image display object to work. The following formula should pull up an image from a folder on the desktop, it worked flawlessly in Pan 6 but for the life of me I can’t get it to display in Pan X:
“~/Judging Form/Judging Form-Photos/”+Entrant

I originally used this in Pan 6 but changed it to the above for Pan X:
“Internal:Users:leocerruti 1:Desktop:Judging Form:Judging Form-Photos:”+Entrant

Entrant is the name of a jpg file within the folder, for example 15734130210001.jpg

So what am I doing wrong?

Change this to:

"~/Desktop/Judging Form/Judging Form-Photos/"+Entrant

The tilde (~) indicates the shortcut to the user’s home directory - not the desktop. You therefore have to add the added path to the desktop in your example.

I must be punchy from all the converting I have to do. Thanks Gary, it was so obvious I missed it by looking for something more complicated.

It wasn’t necessary to change the path. Though Panorama X, unlike Panorama 6, will accept UNIX file paths, it will also understand HFS format file paths. Your original path was fine, no conversion was required.

I’ve used Panorama 6 for years and have printed Price Tags with a picture on them. Panorama X does not print the picture. It shows up on the form put does not print it on the tag. Very frustrating!!