I'm sure there must be a way to

I work on several large list of customer records that I need to take out dupe records, and in some cases the customer might be in there twice or more, but the first names and last names might be reversed so it makes it harder to do. Is there a way to compare the first name of one records with the last name of the next record, then do the comparison again through all the records selecting those that match for review. This is usually the last step I do, and usually takes the most time because each record has to be check. In this step I will usually sort on address 1st, selecting dupes then look at the names. For example

first name last name address
Frank Wright 9995 N 1st
Steve Wright 9995 N 1st
John Smith 123 Main Street
Smith John 123 Main Street
Jones Bill 234 S Home Rd
Bill Jones 234 S Home Rd

Thanks in advance.

I would start by creating a new field containing the first and last names in alpha order and maybe another field with the address - duplicates would then be easier to find.