If empty and similar structures

Ever since Panorama 1, I’ve used if empty frequently and, occasionally, if not empty and if notfound to test the results of selects and finds. None of these works in PanX. Is there any likelihood of their support in future?


if info(“empty”) and if info(“found”) work in PanX. I am not sure if you are using a shorthand in your post, but I did not know you could use the format if empty or if found or if notfound in Pan6.

No, not shorthand - I actually use those archaic structures (they are very quickly typed) and, if they’re not going to be supported, I have an enormous amount of editing to do - I can easily write a procedure to do that to batches of files).

BTW, “if found” doesn’t work in Pan 6 and the difference between the styles in “if not empty” and “if notfound” probably reflects the number of rough edges that prevailed back with Pan 1.