I would appreciate some procedure help

He;llo Friends,
I would appreciate some procedure help. Our ministry has created a Pax X database for registrations. One of the text fields is a address field. From the Date Entry page I would like to have a button the says find all the records with the address on this page and give me a total of the amount in another numeric field called Amount. Once I get that amount I would like to display it on the Data Entry page.

If you have a text display object with this formula


you could put this code into your button.

Local theAddress
theAddress = Address
FileGlobal TotalAmount
TotalAmount = aggregate("Amount", "+","theAddress=Address", "")
ShowVariables TotalAmount

Hi Dave,
Thanks so much. This worked beautiful.
Just more more thing I would like if you don’t mind.
Once the result displays on my data entry screen I would like it to go away once I click to add a new record. Whenever I click on a new record it still displays the result previously.
Thanks again for all the help.

You could use a .CurrentRecord procedure with

TotalAmount = ""
ShowVariables TotalAmount

That would clear it for any change of record, whether it’s a new one or not.

Thank you again so much for the quick response and good advice. You’re the best!!