I wish we had Dark Mode

I sure wish we had a dark mode for PanX!!!

Everything looks so much better in the dark and it is so much easier on the eyes.

Maybe in another 10 years.

P.S. No disrespect meant at all.

I recently had severe cataracts. Dark mode would have been a real blessing. Fortunately my eyes have now been corrected with surgery and I see very well without even needing glasses.

Dark Mode is definitely on the Panorama X road map, and has been since Apple introduced it. But because Panorama is such a complex program, it’s going to be quite a big job. I think it will take at least 2-3 months. Every dialog sheet and wizard will have to be manually tweaked. So this will have to wait for more high priority tasks to be completed first. I’ve been wondering when this would come up, it’s kind of shocking to me that no one has requested this before.

Supporting Dark Mode may require increasing the minimum OS version required to run Panorama X. Right now Panorama X will still work on OS X 10.9, I’m not sure if that is still possible when Dark Mode support is included. But I’m sure almost no one is still using such old OS versions anyway. The minimum OS version for Panorama X 10.2 is not going to change, but future versions of Panorama X may stop supporting older OS versions.

All this about about the same time you have to transition Panorama X over to an ARM version. :roll_eyes:

Well mid September would be fine, thanks. LOL