I need your feedback about this forum for a talk I am giving next week

Next week I am speaking at the MacTech 2016 conference on the topic of forum discussion forum (and I’ll be talking up Panorama X with some of the press attending). I wanted to get some input about what you think about this forum, so I made a short survey. It should only take 2-3 minutes to complete (mostly multiple choice), and your input will help me make a better presentation (and who know, perhaps make this forum better as well).

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I’ve gotten some great feedback already in just a half day, and it has given me ideas for improving the forum. But so far less than a dozen users have responded (I know, it’s early). I’m sure you all want to have your voice heard on this! By adding this post, I’m pushing this back up to the top of the list.

I have been using Panorama since its incarnation as Overvue. I contributed sporadically in the previous forum but was a lurker. Since upgrading to OS Sierra, my Panorama 6 world took a nosedive. I was unable to open any databases, some started in 1986, and it was this new forum that guided me to a solution with such concern. It is always a good feeling to know that there are many other people in the wider world who are willing to take the time to help those less familiar with solving issues that inevitably arise.
I love the idea of being able to quote a previous person’s reply with just one click. It personalizes the whole experience of seeking support.

I’m back from the MacTech 2016 conference. My talk went very well, and I had some long conversations with members of the media that hopefully will pay off when Panorama X is released. Because of the conference I’ve been completely away from my computer for a couple of days. But I see that David, Gary, Jim and Tom have been ably handling the discussion in my absence, in fact, it seems like I’ve been barely missed! Thank you very much guys – very much appreciated!

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This is not really true.