I made a VSCode Extension for Panorama Classic!

Hey everyone! I know most of us have moved to Pan X, but we have lots of old hardware still running 6, so I end up doing a lot of dev in Pan Classic. To make life easier I made an extension that highlights all of your pan 6 files. It’s not perfect, and was my first try with JSON, but it works!

It looks like this!

To download/ use it, In VSCode:
To get it, in VSCode go to extentions on the far left panel here( it looks like blocks):

Search for Panorama Classic and install it.

To change from plain text to Pan Classic, you can click here at the bottom right of VSCode where it says “Plain Text”:

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 1.04.25 PM

Then it opens a menu at the top. Choose Panorama classic and you’re done!

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@admin Thanks for your help! Knowing a little more about the language made it possible. All 700ish keywords highlight in various ways!

Wow that’s quite a project!

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It helped that the panorama reference pdf lists most of them, and then I used panorama to sort and track my progress as I did it. It was a very fun project. I’m curious if it will work with Pan X, but I don’t have any projects on it, yet, so that’s a future question.