I can't edit a form

Something weird happened yesterday. I added a new form and tried to edit it. I can’t give it a name, can’t type in the formula or script panes. When I click in any of the panes, I don’t get a blinking cursor. I opened the blue print and changed the name but it didn’t change the name of the form. I can drag a graphic object to the main window but I can’t alter it. If I click on the object and go to the measurements pane, I can click in the form name field and add a name but when I go to another pane it disappears. Everything else in the database works. I can make a new procedure with no problem. I can edit an existing form, however, I can’t add a new form and edit it.

I updated to b38 today and made a new empty database. I added a new form and experienced the same behavior. I have changed nothing on my computer. I don’t know what to do at this point.

Never heard of such a thing.

What happens if you try to use the View Organizer to rename the form?

That form and new forms were working as expected the next day. As I said, weird.