Hyperlinks in Text?

It appears that there’s no way to build hyperlinks in Text Displays other than to place a transparent button over the text. Can someone tell me otherwise?

Only the Text Editor Object has an option for “Link Detection” but I have had little luck getting it to work. Even the docs warn that Apple’s implementation of this feature is spotty. Probably the method you describe is your only option. Wait…what about using a Web Browser object instead of the Text Display?

On second thought that would try to go to the hyperlink with in the Web Browser Object itself and not to your default browser. Scratch that idea.

Will do, but thanks for the thought.

Could you explain in a bit more detail what you are trying to do?

I think you probably do want to do is use the Web Browser Object as Gary suggested. You can set up javascript links that call back to Panorama and could thus do whatever you want.

I want to have a styled Text Display on a form with working links to open a page in a browser.

A perfect example is on page 70 of the 220 Text Objects.pdf. You have two pieces of text that look like links and are even using what you’ve defined as a “link” style. I want to make text like that actually link to a site. I thought maybe weblink( would work, but as documented, it shows the caption, but isn’t actually a link.

As you’ve mentioned, I could probably use a web browser object with a javascripted link to call a procedure with openurl in Panorama. I was looking for something as simple as a formula in the text. I suppose it amounts to looking for a way to make text responsive, just like a button.

Aside from the hyperlinks to open in a browser, the Panorama Help is an excellent example of what I want to do; create built-in documentation for a Panorama X database… What object are you using that allows you to embed GIFs, and create headlines with #### and embedded links to other records?

That’s all done with the web browser object – it’s basically a web site with a Panorama wrapper for search. In fact, the exact same material, but without the search, is published as a web site.

The source for all this is kept and edited in a Panorama database. The source is actually Markdown, which Panorama publishes to HTML.