HTML and CSS in Text Display Objects

The availability of rich text and HTML tags in a Text Display Object is very useful. Unfortunately, HTML no longer supports centering or colouring of text (one wonders why) - apparently we are expected to use CSS.

CSS is designed for web pages, not text in small packages and I’m having trouble getting my head around it. What’s the simplest way to centre and/or colour text in a TDO?

Text Display objects don’t support HTML tags or CSS. Instead they have their own similar system that we call RTML – Rich Text Markup Language. RTML is designed to support the styling options supported by Apple’s NSAttributedString class. Basically, RTML is a version of Apple’s native text styling code that is readable and understandable by humans. Since Apple’s native text styling is quite a bit different from the rendering done by a web browser, a modified system was needed.

As it turns out, centering and text coloring are both pretty easy, please see the documentation for details.

OK. Yet another door opens! Thank you Jim.

Very nice :+1: