How to un-share files to import into "X"

Could you give the necessary step of un-sharing files so I can import them into “X”? I tried the Sharing Options > Sharing Mode > “New Sharing Generation” but got the message ERROR: Cannot take Peek Customer List offline because it is currently open. What am I doing wrong?

What you need to do is to un-share the database, which is different from a new sharing generation. See “Unsharing” a Shared Database on page 130 of the Panorama Server Handbook.

It sounds like more than one person has the file open. You can go to the “Available Servers” option under “Wizards-Sharing-Available Servers and make sure you are the only one using the file. Then “Unshare” it as opposed to making a new generation.

It does sound like that, and that will prevent him from starting a new Sharing Generation, as he discovered. But you can un-share the database even if others are currently using it (the unshared copy is only on your local computer and doesn’t affect anyone else).

Yeah Jim, you’re right once again

Thanks so much. You guys are awesome. I purchased your book Panorama Enterprise Server Handbook, which we did not have a copy of in our library. A little history for you. Prototek ( was started back in 1989 using a Mac Plus. I bought the original Panorama and built a Customer Data Base for my company. We now have over 10,000 customer and we have sales of a million plus annually. We cannot servive without Panorama and your server software. We are getting ready to upgrade to version X as soon as the server software is available. I have lost my IT person ( Scott Taylor) to retirement. Scott took over the maintenance of Panorama when he was hired, but now I am the only one who has worked with it before. I am trying to be up to speed on how the server works. Thank you for developing such a great platform for small businesses like ours.

Larry Smith
Prototek Corp.

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