How to TOTAL down...not across

OK I am new to X (but not to Panorama). I am making a simple practice database…and I can get it to total going across…but not down. Suggestions? I know it is simple…thank you

You can Total a field, or you can use the aggregate( function.

I don’t think I’m sure understand the original question, but the Summary Workshop can be very handy for this.

Might you be looking for Total?

Thank you…such a simple question…but like I said I am new to Pan X version. Could I ask one more question please? If I want to select data…I do it…but then if I need to go to an additional field I used to find what I want and “select additional” and it gives me the data from both fields. How do i do that now?

Thanks for your help.

Once you’ve made your first selection, choose Select again and it has an additional option in the select window. The New Selection default does an entirely new select. When you click on the menu it gives two other choices. Subset selects within, Superset selects additional.