How to set up tab panels to drive form content

When you click on one of the tabs/panels in the Object Inspector Panel (when editing a form), the content of the window below changes completely. I want to do this in a form, displaying a new set of objects as each tab is clicked. What is the best way to do it? It would seem that Steve Middleton was able to do this at Tab Panels within tab panels but it’s possible that I have misinterpreted his post.

My current solution is to have each set of objects grouped on a white background and, when a tab is clicked, the relevant set is brought to the front, concealing all others. It works well but I wonder if there is a better way.

It sounds like you are describing the normal operation of a Tab Panel object. Perhaps you are objecting to the border around the tab area, but that can be eliminated by setting the Stroke option to None (in the Appearance panel).

I confess to never having heard of them before, despite their being a legacy of Panorama 6.0 and earlier! I suspect they’ll do exactly what I want.

They are not a legacy of any version prior to Panorama X. People have used tricks like yours to simulate the effect, but there was no object designed to do that.

I guess this fooled me!


That’s the tutorial page, right? I went to correct this, and the tutorial page was the only one that had the incorrect history, as far as I could see. All of the other pages correctly state that this is new in Panorama X.

True. But, being a beginner with that topic, I started at the Tutorial.

I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some other page that needed a correction.