How to run 10.2.b21 using Terminal?

To run Pan 10.2.0.b21 (3826) using Terminal in the Instrumentation Panel, i had to rename it 10.2.0.b18 (3745), because the ‘Run Panorama X Using Terminal’ app (in the top folder Applications) that I have, dates back to Aug. 10, and seems to be dedicated to 10.2.0.b18 (3745). I did already the same with b20.

It works though; however I am sure there is a newer and much better way to do that.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

You could delete your current copy of Run Panorama X Using Terminal, and install a new one. The new one would be tied to the new name.

I keep zip archives of older versions of Panorama, and those versions have the version numbers in their names, but the two versions that are unzipped and ready to run are named PanoramaX, and PanoramaX beta respectively. PanoramaX is version 10.1.2, and PanoramaX beta is currently 10.2.0.b21 (3826). When I auto update the beta, it replaces the existing beta and has the same name.