How to Open Database with errant .Initialize Procedure

I was trying to have the .Initialize procedure close all forms and procedures on opening and then open a preferred form.

I messed up.

Now the database opens but there are no forms open.

In the old days the Wizard was a way around this.

What can I do to open the database but not have the .Initialize Procedure run?

I can of course recover an older database with Time Machine but can I open a form when there are no windows open?



Choose Find and Open from the File menu. When the dialog opens, find and right click on the database you want and choose Open Data Sheet Only from the popup list. This will open the file to the data sheet and not run the .Initialize procedure.

Much Obliged Gary.

Thanks for again bailing me out.

Works like a charm. This is going on my “Cheat Sheet” for Pan X.


This is in fact documented.

And also here:

And in several forum threads, including one within the last six weeks.

Thanks Jim,

I am not disparaging your documentation and thanks for weighing in.

Pan X is so rich that I only scratch the surface.

I searched but clearly did not use the correct phrase.

I keep Cheat Sheets on lots of stuff. And have for Panorama for literally decades.

If I run into the same problem 8 months from now and I know that I ran into it before it is easier for me to go to my cheat sheet because despite not remembering the correct phrase or technical description I can refine the solution without sifting through the well written documentation.

Your recall is superb. You wrote the code and the documentation. I am just a user knowing that it can be done but not knowing how to do it sometimes.

My “Cheat Sheet” is the accelerant for recall. Lots of it are your replies and folks like Gary and Dave.

No criticism or complaints from me. It’s how I work.



I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that there was anything wrong with using a “Cheat Sheet”. Just wanted to be sure it was mentioned that there is documentation about this. After all, someone else may find this post by searching a year or two from now, and I wanted this resource to be available.

Your recall is superb.

I do have the advantage of knowing that it’s in there somewhere. Usually I can find things immediately, but sometimes it does take even me a few minutes. There is a huge amount of material there. I’m really happy with the new improved search facilities in the help window – I do use those myself.

By the way, it is also possible to do a Google site specific search of the provue web site (which includes the documentation). I’ve not usually needed to do that, but I imagine sometimes that could be useful.

I have occasionally found this useful, taking advantage of Google’s search syntax and also, potentially, finding references in both the help database and the forum via a single search — for example (however unlikely):

(something AND "something else") OR "yet another thing" -"but not this"

As Jim has pointed out before, the help database packaged with each version of Panorama X is specific to it, whereas the online version might include details of features not yet released. However, there’s less divergence than there was a year or two ago.

Thanks again for all the hints and comments Jim. There is some guy named Mr. Rea that appears often on my Cheat Sheet.

No offense taken on the “Cheat Sheet”. Even deeply Religious People might keep a Psalm or two on a scrap of paper even though they KNOW that it is in the Bible! A form of “Cheat Sheet”.

Help Menus and documentation must be some of the most challenging things to do. I failed to include “Implicitly Trigger” in my attempts to find a solution. Not in my Lexicon on a daily basis.

Thanks again.