How to identify calling procedure when call originates in Procedure Panel of a form?

In d/b A, clicking on an object triggers a procedure in the Procedure Panel. This procedure opens d/b B. In the .Init procedure of d/b B I want to know whether or not the d/b was opened from d/b A. The callingprocedure( function returns an empty string when A opens B. How else might I identify that it was opened from A?

I would set a variable when the first procedure is run. The .Init procedure can look for that variable, and if appropriate, clear it.

That’s because your code isn’t calling the .Initialize procedure – Panorama is doing that for you. Other than a trick like Bruce has proposed, there is no way to determine the calling procedure.

You can set a value to a global variable, then check it in your Initialize as Bruce suggested. In that case it’s always wise to clear the variable of that value once it’s evaluated.

Or use SetTrigger.