How to get a fresh document?

Having recently lost changes to an important document, I’m trying to pay more attention to my “document health”. As I recall, in Pan 6 and before, if you did a “SaveAs”, Panorama did a complete rebuild of the document, which seemed to be a good way to clean up any loose ends that might be lurking. Does PanX work that way?
The PanX doc in question is pretty simple, but it had started to show a weird flash of black & white pixels across the entire screen, just before opening. After that, all was ok, until it wasn’t, and I ended up with a doc that won’t open. The backup I used to recover the file was still showing that flash, so I tried a SaveAs to a new file. The new file still makes the weird flash, and I’m noticing it seems to always open with 10 of 500 records selected, even though the SaveAs was with all records selected. If I do another SelectAll, then Save, it still opens with 10 records selected. There is no “.Initialize” procedure, nor any other procedure I’m aware of that would make this selection, so I’m thinking it has the do with how PanX is saving the file (or it’s corrupted somehow). Does anyone have any insight into this behavior? Thanks!

Followup: I did SelectAll a couple different ways, then a Save and a Quit, then re-open from finder or OpenRecent. In all cases the file re-opened with 10 of 500 records selected. I noticed that it also brought a procedure window the the front, that was not part of the saved state, so I closed all open windows, except for the Datasheet (there were about 10), selected all records, saved, quit and reopened and bingo!, the file showed all records selected. The weird pixellation flash has also disappeared, so I’m thinking there’s a bad form or proc window in there somewhere. (?)

This is not accurate. In Panorama 6, Save As is exactly the same as Save, except that a different filename is used. There is no “rebuild” of the document.

This is normal, it seems to be an animation that Apple’s code is doing when opening the window. It’s not done by Panorama’s code. Like you, I’d just as soon that animation be skipped, but I don’t know how to get Apple’s code to do that. But it is not an indication of any problem in the document.

Maybe you had initialization code in a form that was causing that? That is certainly possible.