How to get a coupon to pay

Image deleted by request.

Not sure what your question is. There is no 865 coupon, in fact currently there are no special promotions we are running, so you simply need to leave the Coupon field blank.

Also, it’s kind of late, the horse is out of the barn so to speak, but would you like me to delete this screen shot so that your address and phone number aren’t displayed forever? I don’t know why you dox’ed yourself here.

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Sorry! That image is useless.

The reason I showed you that coupon window, or whatever it was, was that it seemed to see you that I had one month left before I won’t be able to use Panorama X. Definitely delete the screenshot. But tell me: am I going to lose my ability to use this application?

See ‘Accounts and pricing’ on the FAQ page.