How to display html hyperlinks


I have a text entry box that I enter http links. The detect links option is turned on, which shows the links while editing, but not on subsequent displays of the entry field.
How can I have these links displayed and be clickable?

I was thinking to use the textdisplayobject but that does not seem to support HTML links.
Suggestions would be appreciated.

If all you will be putting into that field will be hyperlinks, you could just have the text display object show it in blue, with an underline style. Clicking the object should trigger a one line procedure

openurl theField

where theField would be replaced by the actual name of the field.

Dave -

Thanks for responding. What I was actually going to store in the field was the title and then the url and it could range from no links to many. An example of two links in a field is shown below.


story of dog
another entry

I am open to another way to store the information. The ideas was to have reference links to each record stored in the database.