How to build 1 db for 3 like biz?

I manage 3 apt complexes and have built 3 almost identical db (about 10 db per property) to run each property. Each property has its own nuances but for the most part they are the same. The time has come to upgrade to PanX.
Currently, if I make a procedure or format or design change to one property’s db, I then have to make the change to all properties db’s and this is time consuming and room for error.
What is the best way to create 1 db set for all properties? I have no server experience so each property runs Pan6 on the 1 office computer. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you need to add a field to each database that will contains a property identifier. Then when you want to work on a particular property, you would select just that property. You’ll need to make sure that as new records get added, the correct property identifier gets added. That might be as simple as using the ditto (") default value.

Thanks for your response. The db’s have a field for each property in the event I ever combined all properties into one db and it seemed like good practice when I originally built them. Since each property runs independently of each other, it is not a problem. What I think I am really trying to say is:

  1. Can someone explain to me in layman’s terms how the Panorama Server edition will work with my existing db’s? Will it require additional lines of codes? Will it require me to reconfigure my db’s? Or does it just automatically lock-out a user for that record? I really have no clue how Pan works on a server!

  2. b/c I am upgrading to PanX, I’m thinking now is a good time to improve all of my db (I have learned so many new tricks/improved processes/etc that make the user experience better since I first built them and have been improving them along the way in a patchwork way) AND would like to build them with the intention of combining all 3 properties into 1 db on a server. I use lots of buttons and MenuBars to trigger complex procedures.

  3. Am I over complicating this?

  4. I have learned the hard way that the user experience needs to be very controlled so my staff does not accidentally or intentionally destroy or manipulate our company data. They do not have access to the data sheet at any time or for any db.

Hope this is not too confusing, just have a lot going on and need to make lots of time to upgrade!