How much Memory does Panorama Need on Apple Silicon?

Panorama has of course long benefitted from Macs with lots of RAM.

But the new Apple Silicon computers change that - as their memory size offerings are smaller and apparently not as critical as in past hardware designs.

How does this impact a “RAM Intensive” app such as Panorama?

I believe this is an urban legend – a legend that is sometimes promoted by Apple. Bytes are bytes, changing the processor architecture doesn’t significantly impact how much you need.

For most people, Panorama isn’t really an RAM intensive app, at least by modern standards. There are very few people that have databases larger than 10 megabytes. For today’s computers, that’s a trivial amount of memory. All of ProVUE’s sales records for 30 years is only about 60 megabytes, still trivial. Your web browser will probably use WAY more memory than Panorama does.

Of course there are exceptions. We heard from a person doing Covid research in 2020 that was working with databases that were 62 gigabytes! Fortunately they had a Mac Pro with 1.5 TB of memory, so that was no problem. But that is a bit too much data for the RAM in most computers.

If you know you are working with huge data sets, then of course be sure to get enough RAM that your database will fit. But for most users, the amount of RAM used by Panorama is insignificant.

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