How do we make macros?

We cannot figure out macros are made any more. Used to be the sidebar which was easy to use, but now? Would love a hint.

— Richard

It’s done by choosing New Procedure from the View menu.

Also, there is a free video on the topic of creating and editing procedures.

Thanks. I watched the video and is helpful. However, I realize I was asking more how to RECORD a macro as is possible in version 6. We click on it to record, do the actions, and the macro is created. Don’t find anything about this in the Help files.

— Richard

This was discussed a few weeks ago. Recording macros is not possible at this time, but Jim has put it on his list for future consideration.

Here is the link: Create Procedure with Recorder

You’re not going to like this answer either Richard. There is no recorder in Pan X.

See Create Procedure with Recorder for more information and some helpful hints.