How do i merge 2 files?

I am not sure how to merge 2 files. I used to do it with Classic but not with X. Help??

You may want to read the documentation about the join statement and about Relational Database Management:

Do the 2 files have identical fields, field types, and field order?

Give us more details of your two files.

To effectively help you, we need more information as to what you mean by “merge two files”. Do you want to append them, one on the end of the other? Do the databases have the same information with different fields? Whatever could be done in Panorama 6 can also be done in Panorama X, plus a lot more, but no one here will be able to give you any kind of specific advice without more specific details about what you actually want to do.

I’ll guess that what you were doing in Classic was to open and append one database to another. If that’s the case, it’s just as easy in Pan X but adds additional options.

Open both databases. In the database to which you want to add the other. Go to File>Import>Import Panorama Database into Current Database. Then go through the various settings to indicate how you want it processed.