How do I make text in a form bold

How do I make text in a form bold? How do I make text in any object bold? How do I make a non-hollow button a color?
Point me in the right direction. So far Help is not helpful; I’m sure I’m missing something.

Choose the bold version of the font you are using from the Font panel.

Also, if you are using rich text, you can make a portion of the text bold by using the <b> tag.

I assume you mean push buttons. All of the controls in Panorama X forms (push buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus) are implemented as standard Apple controls. This means that these controls automatically have the correct appearance and operation to conform to Apple Human Interface Guideline standards. However, this means that you cannot make controls that don’t conform to these guidelines – for example, you can’t use a non-standard color.

If you want a non-standard button, you can either use a Font Awesome icon button, use an image as a button, use a shape as a button (for example a rounded rectangle or a star), or use Gary Yonaites button creator, mentioned in another thread. Here are links to more information about these topics (you can also find these in the Panorama Help wizard).