How do I delete one of my entries in the Database Exchange?

I have inadvertently duplicated one of my Database Exchange entries and I want tro delete one of them. How do I do it?

I clicked on one of them and selected File->Move To … and chose the Desktop as the destination, thinking that this might remove that entry. It removed the entire Exchange and I had to re-install Panorama X to get it back.

And now I find that both the Download and Open buttons are greyed out for both entries. Can somebody else please try to download either or both of the Accelerated lookup entries?

Both downloaded as empty folders.

Thanks Dave - now I need to delete both of them.

I can now download both and they produce identical results. Can you check again please Dave?

Yep. This time both folders had content, and the modification dates and sizes were identical.

Thanks Dave. Now, back to the initial question - how do I delete one of them?

Also, how do I update the date of posting? The current version was posted today but the November 2017 dates are still displayed. There has to be a simpler way of doing this - so much of it is still extraordinarily complicated.

You ask me to do it. Which I have done (I removed the one with no content).

What a delightfully simple solution. Thank you.