How do I create a form without a View menu?

I am having my first look at Panorama X. I have just installed the free trial version of Panorama X and I have created three tables that I want to link to a form, but I can see no way to create a form without using the View menu. I have just read on this forum that the free version of Panorama X does not provide the View menu. So is there any other way that I can proceed? I need to see if, and how, I can link my tables to process my data. Is there an account that a free user can log in to, or is that reserved for users who have already purchased Panorama X?

I just figured it out. When I first opened Panorama X, there was a server error, and I never saw the window to create an account. Now that I have created an account, the View menu is shown in the Menu bar. So now I can proceed with my evaluation. If all of my future problems turn out to be as simple as this one, Panorama X my be just what I have been looking for.

Did you create an account, or start a trial? I can’t find your name on either list. If you created an account, Panorama may nag you for payment. In that case, this previous forum post explains how to switch to the 7 day free trial.

Hi Jim,

I initially started a 7 day trial with Panorama X. When I found that I could not investigate using forms without an account, I assumed that I had installed Panorama X incorrectly, because the program was unable to access the server when I first installed it. So I deleted Panorama X and reinstalled it. This time a connection with the server was made, and it was from that point that I was directed to set up an account. I just used the same information that I had already entered in order to register with the Panorama Forum, and I just ignored the section that wanted to set up a paid account. I have been playing with Panorama X during the afternoon, and Panorama has been nagging me since that time. I will read the forum post that you have highlighted and see if I can return to the 7 day free trial.

Thank you for your interest.