How can I sync fields from a Master DB to 3 other DBs?

My Master DB has a few fields that I would like to have replicated in several other DBs. Is this possible?I have looked, and looked some more but I can’t figure this out. Anybody?

Assuming you want to create a new d/b containing only those old fields, you can do something like this:

openfile "MasterDatabase"
let alphaArray = arraybuild(cr(),"",{A +tab()+ B +tab()+ C +tab()+ D})
openfile "NewDatabase"
importtext alphaArray,"existingdata","replace"

where A, B, C and D are field names in the master d/b.

I’ve just noticed the word “sync” in your query title - do you really want to synchronise the fields?

Yes, sync is the right term. I want to be able to just change the master and have the others automatically have that same info in their matching fields.

If your changes in the MasterDatabase are being made one at a time, rather than many records changed at once, then take a look at the Post statement. It can be set to be triggered when a particular field is changed and will literally post data to one or many fields in another database. A series of Post statements could be set up to post changes to a few databases. You configure it as to how it determines which record to find and adjust and which fields to post to.