How can I resize a graphic?

I am pasting a graphic into a form. It works just fine but I am trying the resize the graphic proportionaly but nothing seems to work including hold the shift key while resizing. I am trying to make it smaller.

Try holding down the Option key while dragging.

Panorama X currently does not have a proportional resize option.

Jim, have you tried to resize a graphic image while holding down the Option key and dragging any of the resize handles? It resizes proportionately for me.

Oops! I was doing this on an ImageDisplayObject when I thought it was a StaticImageObject. My mistake.

I tried that Gary with every key combination clicking on the corner handle and nothing seems to work. It will make the image bigger or smaller but it will not constrain the dimensions.

Hi Jim,
I hope it can be added in a future release. When I have a question the first thing I do is search the forum. I was surprised nothing came up. I know you are busy. Do you have any projections as to when new builds will be available?

Of course. However, this falls under the heading of “would be nice to have someday”, rather than something that would prevent users from Panorama X. Since there are still a number of “deal breakers” for many users (like lack of a server version), I am mostly concentrating on deal breakers first. Though sometimes I will work on a “nice to have” feature as a palette cleanser :slight_smile:

There are a lot of “nice to have” features that I want to implement in the graphic editor. You’ll be seeing constant improvements for a long time to come.

projections as to when new builds will be available?

I have more than enough for a new build now. However, I am really on a roll right now and since a release always breaks the rhythm I am going to hold off for a few more days.

Thanks Jim. Blessings to you and keep up the good work. You are in a tough spot. There is a fine line between “deal breakers” and “nice to have” features.

Llooking back at your original question I notice that you were talking about a static image. I think maybe Panorama X already has a feature to do what you want, check out this short movie.

Thanks Jim,
This is exactly what I needed. It worked great. I just need to remember where to find it. I especially like the way you create the little videos. It helps this old man.

Well, lookie there! And after all this time wondering why the shift-drag no longer worked.

Good news, Jim: Your “would be nice to have someday” list just got shorter.