How can I change font size in data sheet? (Breaking News)

In the new version the font size is too small for my tired eyes. I have searched the Help files but find nothing on how to change the size for the entire data sheet. Is it possible?


There is no option for this yet.

This turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but it is done, and will be included in the next release of Panorama X.

The size is remembered for each database, and can also be modified with the size statement.


I am sorry it was so difficult but your effort much appreciated. Looking forward to trying it.

— Richard

And who is to dare say that our lord does not listen to the minions.

Thank you Jim. You recognize that there are many that have reached that point where things can be much more difficult on the eyes than for us. You care about everyone.

Robert Ameeti

That’s really great!



On the subject of text sizes (and I hope I’m not jumping the shark again :stuck_out_tongue:), I find the default text size used in the displaydata( function to be way too small for my use. Even though you can change it as one of the options when you use this function it seems bothersome to have to add that every time. I ended up changing the default size in the DISPLAYDATA procedure of the _DialogAlertLib.pandb file to 12 point which works much better for me. You can find the size setting on line 40 of this procedure as one of the options in the superalert statement.