Hotkey programming

In order to use the arrow keys to move through records in a form - and to run some necessary procedures on record changes - I’ve defined the up and down arrow keys as hot keys. It works perfectly. The form gets all the desired display updates that don’t occur otherwise.

I’m having that procedure note whether or not an active TextEditor has scroll bars. In that case the record change is blocked and the editor remains active.

In the name of wanting it all, besides not closing the Text Editor, I want to move the cursor within it the way it would if I hadn’t invoked the hotkeys at all. Can it be done?

I think it almost can be done. See Multiple Trigger Options in the Text Editor Object help page. You could turn off the hotkey when editing starts, and then turn them back on again when editing is finished. One fly in the ointment is there is no trigger if editing is cancelled by pressing the ESC key. So in that case, the Hot Keys would not be established again. I don’t see any way to fix that at the moment.

I don’t see that as a disaster. Thanks

When I press the ESC key in the middle of editing a Text Editor Object, nothing happens. The editing is not cancelled. Am I missing a preference somewhere, or is this a bug?

Oh, I guess the ESC key is only an option if you are using the popup Input box option. See, even I don’t know everything about Panorama. And I guess that means my hotkey idea has no fly in the ointment.