Highlighting multiple entries in a text list, etc

In preparation for porting some databases from FileMaker to Panorama X I am trying to implement in a trial database what I have learned from some of Jim’s course videos.

My trial database has records with just one field, each record containing just one word. I have created a form with a text list reflecting the contents of the database, along with a text editor object that shows whatever is highlighted in the text list. If I change that record in the text editor object, it changes in the data sheet (as it should), but only later percolates to the text list on the form. I am not sure why this delay is occurring or what determines percolation.

I have checked ‘Allow Multiple Rows’ in the Text List Options, and this should (I gather) allow multiple selection in the text list using either Shift or Command, but instead, any further row I click on after the first is highlighted when I click on it with the mouse, but loses its highlight as soon as I release the mouse. What am I doing wrong?

On a separate topic, every attempt to switch ‘Sorting’ from ‘None’ to ‘Sort Up’ causes Panorama X to quit.

Just realised percolation occurs when I exit the record in the text list – but this doesn’t solve the highlighting issue.

When Database Navigator is on, selecting an item in the list makes the corresponding record active in the database. The database can never have more than one active record, so you can’t have more than one item selected in the list, when Database Navigator is on. When the navigator option is off, you can select multiple items from the list, and they will remain highlighted.

Thanks, Dave, for the explanation. Now I understand.