Highlighting a Panel Tab procedurally

I have a panel that is working very nicely in toggling through a variety of fields. For the space allocated I chose to reduce the number of tabs displayed at a time by adding tabs to change the displayed set by using left and right angle brackets. Using the code below, that’s working but I can’t find a way to highlight the tab representing the newly loaded field. The tab is there, but not showing that as the active choice.

FileGlobal fgPick , fgPanelButtons
Case fgPick = “>“
fgPanelButtons = commatocr(”<,Sales Calls,Mailings,Transactions”)
fgPick =“Sales Calls”

Case fgPick ="<"
fgPanelButtons = commatocr(“Comments,Notes,Phone Calls,Meetings,>”)
fgPick =“Comments”


ShowVariables fgPanelButtons, fgPick

Just an idea, I don’t know if it will work. Try using two ShowVariables commands.

ShowVariables fgPanelButtons ShowVariables fgPick

It may be trying to highlight the Sales Calls tab, (or Comments) before it has actually been drawn.


Of all the tricks I tried, that was not among them.

But you nailed it. Thanks!