High Sierra and Times font

Opening Pan 6 databases on High Sierra gets a message that Times is missing. Font Book lists it though.

I had pretty much shrugged it off in spite of numerous forms possibly effected but I’ve got others contacting me about it now. Is it a Panorama error or has Times changed in the OS - and most of all, is there any quick fix without disrupting page layouts and font spacing?

I don’t know the answer to any of your questions, but keep in mind that since Panorama 6 uses the Carbon API’s it has access to a different list of fonts that Cocoa based apps. I presume Font Book is Cocoa based. Bottom line, it’s quite possible that the font environment for Panorama 6 changed in High Sierra even if there was no change for most other software.

I did a little investigating with my fonts in High Sierra in the Font Book app and Times is shown as Times Roman. On a form in Pan 6 I changed a text font to Times and it immediately set it to Lucidia Grande instead. So, is it possible that High Sierra now refers to Times only as Times Roman? If this is the case you will have to change all the occurrences of Times to Times Roman. You might have to go to each form (manually or procedurally) and run a little code to change the names:

selectobjects objectinfo("font") = "Times"
changeobjects "font","Times Roman"

Ran into this as well. Seems Panorama can’t handle TT (true type) fonts, which if you check the active font for Times it will likely be a TTC type of font. Panorama 6 will see a DFONT type of font (desktop) but will not see a TTC font. If you have a TIMES.DFONT then make it the active font and the TTC font inactive. Then Panorama will see the TIMES font.

Thanks for starting this thread Jim, and for the tip Mark! I reactivated both of my copies of the Times Font in my Font Book. It says both are TrueType fonts, but the .dfont designation is differentiating it from the other .ttc designation. Problem solved with Panorama and High Sierra!